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Oversize High Res Art

CFA oversize art

Every image in our extensive portfolio is superb quality for oversize applications. From 80" wide canvas art to 12-45 ft wallcovering murals, we can accomodate your specific size requirements. We create and curate our art collections that cater to todays Designer and their projects for large dramatic art in hotels, healthcare and corporate interiors. Contact us for more information.


Color Awards 2015

Angela Cameron recognized October 2015

The International Color Awards are held each year and receives thousands of entries worldwide. I was thrilled to be nominated in the Abstract category with 2 images "Ocean Nightscape 28 + 29". There were some amazing images entered, so I feel very pleased to get noticed.

Color awards feature 2015 copy

Magazine feature.. yet again!

Once again, Black and White magazine has featured my work December 2015 issue, this time with a spotlight about me as well! I won in a photo competition category awhile back and the winners get a special feature in a future magazine. "Pond Grass" won in the textures category - simple sculptural blades of grass with an overlay of highlights to give an artistic feel.

B and W mag feature 2015

Have you seen our yellow car?

Yes, this is Angela's car! This cute canary yellow car is buzzing around Vancouver and getting lots of attention and photos taken by tourists. Nissan made this car in Japan in only 1 year - 1991. Only 20,000 were made in 3 colors (this is not the original color). The Figaro is a right hand drive, with a convertable top and only 75hp - perfect for short city trips! 

We deliver ACFA blog

ACFA art on House Hunters

We were surprised to see our art in a recent House Hunters episode!  The show featured a couple seeking an apartment in Seattle. The first of 3 locations was a new build, modern apartment in the downtown area. The living room triptych is "blue and beige trees" on aluminum and the bedroom piece "urban lights 808" acrylic art. We had worked with a local designer to outfit the model rooms for sale to the public awhile back. One never knows where or how things will show up!

ACFA househunters feature July 28 14