CRANE PAPER Co Art Installation

If you have ever wondered who manufactures US currency paper money - you are now being introduced! Crane Paper Co located in Dalton Mass has produced paper for currency for over 200 years.

I had the pleasure of working with an amazing Designer, William Caligari at Bill approached me to collaborate on this large design project for the interior renovation for Crane. My diverse portfolio lended well for this project as each area of the interior (lobby, waiting area, restroom, corridors, office areas) demanded a different art approach. Some of my work was offered on acrylic for the lobby and other modern pieces are framed for office and corridors.

This corporate art project not only had variety of work, but the presentation of work still adhered to a recognizable style and consistency throughout the space. I’m pleased that the Crane clients were very pleased with their art to represent to their brand and clientele.

Art by Angela Cameron