This large project covered all the guest rooms, corridors and public areas with modern, edgy artwork that enhanced the vibe at this Hotel's downtown location.

Working with the Designer, we selected many images and customized them to work in each area. Modern artwork with a night-time feel are perfect for the lounge and public areas. The guest rooms received panorama style spring leaves with a fresh green hues. Custom artwork was done in a mix of aluminum art, canvas art and artwork on wood for the corridors (not shown here). Each area focused on the contemporary theme, but artwork chosen reflected the edgy vibe of this Marriott downtown location. 

Shown here, the restaurant fuchsia artwork is a great example of not having to match the artwork to the surrounding textiles. The complimentary colour artwork creates more sophistication and resonance. "I am a huge fan of the Designers decision to not choose muted green artwork to match the restaurant area" states Cameron "It's a simple way of creating upscale interior that adds interest and style without more expense". What makes this idea work is the rich tone of the green with the rich tone of the fuchsia. If the art was a light pink colour overall, it wouldn't work as well. Complimentary colour artwork adds a huge impact to this space, especially with neutral walls to allow the art to pop.

Angela has worked on and provided her photographic art for many Marriott properties, appreciating the fact that their art selection process is very specific to their brand. "I'm happy to offer unique artwork for Marriott that no one else can" states Cameron, "they realized that artwork choices can set them apart in a competitive hotel industry". 



Gallery wall art theme delivers maximum impact for these luxury guest suites. Repeating artwork is very effective in any space and certainly adds a luxury, custom art touch. Here are some great tips on how to hang multiple pieces of the same size art over a sofa:

- All the artwork is the same subject matter and background color, except each white shell is different. This creates a consistent, cohesive style.

- Each of the shell canvas pieces are square 24"x 24" spanning with width of this large guest room and deliberately spaced 2" apart to keep a consistent flow and presentation. Spacing the pieces apart more would not have the same sophisticated feel.

- We also made the choice was to not centre the art over the sofa or centre on the wall. The artwork extends over to the left side of the sofa - a great way to hang art in an unexpected way. 

- The artwork hue compliments the color of the wall. The blue artwork (being the only blue color in the room, except for a few pillows) pops against the complimentary yellow hue. 

This is one of Angela's largest hotel projects and the most custom artwork specifications as well. Working with the Designer's vision for this tropical Hotel location, white shells were photographed on a specific Pantone turquoise colour to match perfectly with the rooms accent hues.

Timeless artwork never goes out of style, Angela's unique vision and dedication to her photographic craft is evident in all projects and clients she has worked with. "I am pleased to have more Client and Designers seeking out custom artwork for their design projects" states Cameron, "it is the backbone of why I create amazing abstract photography - just for those niche projects that demand the best artwork for their hotel properties". As competition for travel clients grows in the marketplace, so does Hotel Design options that incorporate exclusive artwork and options to ensure a better guest experience.